About us

Hey everyone!

StoriBlocks is the first social media blogging site created to exclusively connect like minded college students. Users create stories that could be about any topic of their choosing including but not limited to: politics, academics and student life, traveling, love, food, DIY projects, humor, and anything else under the sun! Instead of posting a ‘highlight reel,’ StoriBlocks encourages users to dig deeper and share their personal ‘behind the scenes’ stories in a positive environment.

StoriBlocks was founded in Summer 2018. We started out of University of Georgia and are working on spreading to other college campuses in Georgia in 2019, and nationwide in the next 2 years.

We have a diverse team from different backgrounds that have helped us create an even more diverse platform! Our team loves makeup, fashion, writing, and clean eating and they show their passions by writing blogs! We have also invited college students to join many of our events like a tailgate and DJ party with food, dancing, and cheering on the dawgs of course! We hosted our dj party at jerzees- a bar downtown, Athens- for chatting and dancing. We shared StoriBlocks with University of Georgia students and got many sign-ups! We can’t wait to continue sharing StoriBlocks with you all through fun events!

Our passion is to foster a positive collegiate community that will ultimately improve your college experience, both academically and socially. Come join us, at StoriBlocks we don’t compare, we connect!

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