launch party success

On November 30th, a new startup company known as Storiblocks marked its presence in the social media scene with a successful launch party. The event was held in the lively college-town of Athens, Georgia, home to the University of Georgia. The event featured a DJ, free drinks, and of course plenty of excited college students. The party was wildly successful with over 100 sign-ups and lots of new potential users learning about it.

Storiblocks is a unique new blogging app created for college students. Whether you’re looking for advice, information, cool products recommended from your peers or just an interesting story, Storiblocks has it. What’s especially cool is that both creators and users are intended to be college students, fostering a larger sense of community . As a freshman, I can attest to the fact that there is so much I didn’t know coming into college and it would have been nice to have somewhere to hear from other college students this past first semester. I see potential in Storiblocks to become that place and I’m really excited to see its progress. To me, Storiblocks can be a hybrid of other popular blogging sites, instagram, or a forum such as reddit depending on how people use it. It can be more formal, casual, or a little bit of both. Additionally, posts can cover any topic that a creator chooses to write about including but not limited to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health & fitness, the products which he/she is using and general college advice.

The DJ party was a fabulous opportunity for Storiblocks to get its name out there and figure out what direction to move forward in as a company. It was also very nice for interns like myself to be able to show our friends what Storiblocks is about and share this experience with them. I look forward to seeing Storiblocks grow and sharing future events with you all.

Bri Cochran