friends giving at mellow mushroom

Thanksgiving is coming! Our team has decided to do a friends giving party at Mellow Mushroom with sharing the favorite deserts. We were all excited (I mean who would turn down a reason to eat pizza?). Since we are online based for the half of time, we always try to get together and do some fun team building events or business meetings. We just had a letter craft event last month and it was so fun and creative. So, I always look forward our team building events.

This time at Mellow Mushroom, we spent over an hour getting to know our new team members and chit chatting about life, vacations, food, and more! Once we got our food we ate, and chit chatted a little longer. (It was super delicious, my mouth is watering just writing about it). But once we finished eating it was time to talk about the business! We all shared some of the things we love about Storiblocks, some ideas for growing the company, and some changes we thought would be beneficial. I loved hearing what everyone had to say about the company. I shared how I loved that everyone in the company is so nice and caring and that I feel like it’s become a little work family. We talked a little more about the company and then realized it was getting late and should wrap things up. The Joy surprised us with some desserts (macarons, cookies, brownies and cupcakes). She had the cutest cupcakes for us. (they are decorated for thanksgiving since it was around that time). Everyone seemed to have had a blast that night and we were all talking about how we are so lucky to work for such a great company and team. So thankful!

Lahari Madineni